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apparently adv
1 from appearances alone; "irrigation often produces bumper crops from apparently desert land"; "the child is seemingly healthy but the doctor is concerned"; "had been ostensibly frank as to his purpose while really concealing it"-Thomas Hardy; "on the face of it the problem seems minor" [syn: seemingly, ostensibly, on the face of it]
2 unmistakably (`plain' is often used informally for `plainly'); "the answer is obviously wrong"; "she was in bed and evidently in great pain"; "he was manifestly too important to leave off the guest list"; "it is all patently nonsense"; "she has apparently been living here for some time"; "I thought he owned the property, but apparently not"; "You are plainly wrong"; "he is plain stubborn" [syn: obviously, evidently, manifestly, patently, plainly, plain]

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Adverb form of apparent.


IPA: WEAE /ʌˈpɛɹ.ɛ


  1. Plainly; clearly; manifestly; evidently.
    If he should scorn me so apparently. --Shak.
  2. Seemingly; in appearance; as, a man may be apparently friendly, yet malicious in heart.
  1. According to what the speaker has read or been told



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